Race Timing

    AA Sports has been timing events for over two decades beginning with traditional hand timing by pulling tags and today using the state of the art “chip on the bib” transponder timing. Our experience in the field of chip timing allows us to provide the most efficient method of timing best suited for your event.

    MYLAPS Tag

    MYLAPS Chip-on-Bib

    RUNNING EVENTS: The use of the MYLAPS “chip on the bib” is the most popular choice here. Race Directors have always wanted a timing solution that removed the need of the participant to follow explicit instructions on the use of the timing devise and for it to be disposable. Well that is what you have with MYLAPS “chip on the bib”. The participant simply picks up their bib and pins it to their shirt, shorts or uses a bib belt. It is that simple. Accuracy as well as read rates are unrivaled by any other chip timing technology. The additional advantage here that separates the┬áMYLAPS “chip on the bib” from all other transponder timing is the ease of distribution at expo / day-of-race packet pickups and the participant not needing to do anything more than wear the bib to which the tag is placed.

    Champion Chip

    Champion Chip

    MULTI-SPORT EVENTS: The best solution for events with multiple disciplines is still ChampionChip. ChampionChip was the leader in transponder timing for over a decade until the advent of the disposable chip. It is still a viable solution in running events but not as practical due to it not being disposable in nature. But when water (swimming) or mud is involved it is hands down the best solution. The timing chips themselves rarely fail (unless tampered with) and are inexpensive to replace if lost during the competition. There are other timing systems that offer “active” chips with better reading accuracy but the replacement cost makes them prohibitive. Most timing chips come up missing when handed out at a pre-race packet pickup and the time & effort used to recover them is simply undesirable. This is the major reason Race Directors steer away from “active” systems. When a chip comes up missing it is invariably the responsibility of the Race Director to cover the cost of the missing chips, a budget item that is not usually taken into account. So, the clear cut solution is still ChampionChip.

    Most recently, AA Sports launched RegToRace – the ultimate online race registration system especially designed for race directors to manage race registration of athletes.

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