The world is constantly changing. To continue to thrive as a valuable partner in the business of multisport and running/walking, we continually, creatively look for ways to enhance the partnerships that help make our events stand out. At AA Sports, we value our partnerships and we know that both parties must benefit or the partnership will not thrive. We believe that our goal should be to motivate and inspire not only the athletes who participate in our races, but their family, friends and spectators as well. This commitment to the multisport and running communities is something we take very seriously. Through our on-site collaborations with and contributions to various high school sports groups and other non-profit organizations, we play a part in the well-being of hundreds of young athletes and programs in the Northwest. This builds confidence and stature in the young athletes, and it gets them involved in the world of first-class multisport athletics.

We also do this by bringing high-quality, relevant, dynamic, athlete- and lifestyle-focused sponsors and vendors to our events and Sports & Fitness Expos, with an eye to our participants interests and tastes. We bring the challenge our athletes seek with a celebration and fun for all after the competition has played out – a ripe environment for delivering your corporate message or introducing your relevant products or services to this captive audience.

At AA Sports, we understand the importance and intrinsic value of strong, relevant corporate involvement and partnership. We understand the fine points of how to deliver benefits for our partners, tailored to their specific corporate goals and targeted demographics, and bring about a valuable, tangible return on their investment.

We offer a diverse range of sponsorship packages, tailored to align seamlessly with each partner’s marketing goals. With events ranging from 1,000 to 25,000 individuals, we can brand your company’s services and products through a variety of direct communication opportunities with our participants, as well as offering numerous options for direct contact with our sought-after client demographic at the events.  You’ll be able to connect with our participants through print and e-mail advertising to our database of over 100,000 athletes, through logo and link placement on our AA Sports website and individual event-specific webpages, in event-related direct email briefings and communications, and through our various social media platforms.

We are constantly looking for companies which can help us achieve our mission: to produce the highest quality races for our athletes while delivering the most impact to our valued partners. At AA Sports, Ltd., we continually strive to improve on what we do. And for the past 25 years, we’ve listened to our athletes and our partners, together delivering top notch events.

For information on sponsorship opportunities for AA Sports events, please contact us at You can also read through the information for individual events via this website. Simply click on any event in our events listing and you will be directed to that event’s individual page.

We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities of creating a win/win partnership with you!

Our Event Participant Demographics


10-19  4%
20-29  20%
30-39  37%
40-49  18%
50-59  12%
60-69  9%


Male  53%
Female  47%

Household Income

17,001-24,000  8%
24,001-35,000  10%
35,001-50,000  21%
50,001-75,000  25%
75,001-100,000  19%
1000,001-125,000 10%
Over 125,000  7%


Graduated High School  3.8%
Some College  17.6%
Graduated College  44.4%
Masters Degree  23.1%
Doctorate  7.9%
Post Graduate Study  3.2%

Internet Use

Never  2.3%
Daily  86.2
Weekly  10.9
Monthly  1.4

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