Kudos to All who participated in Bakers Dozen Series races in 2013!
Congratulations to the 2013 Bakers Dozen Series Winners and to the other racers who won 2014 Bakers Dozen Passports in the prize drawings!


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The Bakers Dozen Series is comprised of 13 Half-Marathons which are produced by Northwest-based organizations (AKA “Home Baked Miles”). They take place throughout the summer at beautiful NW locations. And, each of these events give back to their local communities in numerous ways, by supporting local charities, children’s programs and high school sports programs, as well as supporting health and fitness initiatives across the NW.

By competing in the 2014 Series and completing at least three of the races, athletes become eligible to win one of Twenty-Five 2015 Bakers Dozen Passports – awarding the bearer FREE ENTRY into these events during the 2015 Season! See below for details about the event, the Series ranking system – powered by Athlinks – and how the Passports will be awarded.

Register for any of the races through the links below. Then Get out and Start Racing the Bakers Dozen!



A Half Dozen Reasons to Participate in the Bakers Dozen “Home Grown” Local Race Series!

  1. The chance to win one of 25 Bakers Dozen Passports – giving the winner entry into any of these races for FREE in the following year! (See details below, some restrictions apply.)
  2. Supporting local race companies means you support having a lot of great local races to choose from!
  3. You will be supporting the many charities in OUR COMMUNITIES that these races support (e.g. boys & girls club, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, mental health challenges/developmental disabilities organizations, breast cancer, HS sports programs and  many more).
  4. Getting to run with your friends and enjoying both the competition and the post-race celebrations!
  5. With these local races, you won’t get lost in the packed corrals of huge, national races!
  6. You’ll burn enough calories that you’ll be able to treat yourself to some REAL (bakers dozen) donuts (or other treats).

BakersDozen-Shirt-WebNew for the 2014 Bakers Dozen Series
“Check”Your Progress!

2014 Bakers Dozen Series Shirts will be available for purchase for $20 at many of the Bakers Dozen events or by emailing AA Sports Ltd at events@aasportsltd.com. (Shirts ordered from the office will have a shipping fee added to the cost.) The shrits list each of the thirteen Series races on the back and come in men’s and women’s styles/sizes. Pick up your Bakers Dozen Series Shirt today and check off your races!



To help you track your points, we’ve partnered with Athlinks, the largest results database and social network for endurance athletes on the Web.  Click on their logo on the right to check out their website, create a profile and find your results today! If you’ve competed in a race, they’ve got your results. Then, come back to this site after each race to claim your results. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure you keep all of your points together and accurate.


THE BAKERS DOZEN SERIES PASSPORT: The 2015 Bakers Dozen Series Passport gives the bearer FREE Entry into any of the 2014 series races during the 2015 season. With the average cost of the series races being $65.00 the passport is valued at $845.00. It must be noted however that the free entries are for the designated bearer of the passport ONLY (the free entries are not transferable to another athlete). The free entries are only good for the year following the awarding of the passport. (NOTE: Those running free in 2104 with a Bakers Dozen Passport are NOT eligible for winning a 2015 Passport.)

The Series will award a total of 25 passports: 12 to TOP PERFORMERS according to series rankings and 13 to FREQUENT RACERS where the series rankings are not taken into account. See below for additional details.



4 26
39 44
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12 **




  1. All series participants must complete a minimum of three series races to be including in the Bakers Dozen rankings or to have chances to win the random drawings.
  2. Passport winners will be selected from all eligible entries (chances) by a computer-run random selection program. Winners need not be present.
  3. Passport winners will be announced on the AA Sports’ Baker’s Dozen website as soon as winners are determined, after all Series races have been completed.
  4. Odds of winning depend on the total number of races completed and bonus chances earned.
  5. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Passport winners may not request a prize substitution. Passports are non-transferable and may not be claimed or used by any person other than the winner.
  6. Passports will be mailed to all winners after being posted on the AA Sports website, or they may be picked up at the AA Sports, Ltd. Beaverton, Oregon office.
  7. Bakers Dozen Incentives are only good for the year following the awarding of the prize.  Passports awarded for 2013 Series are valid for 2014 only (no exceptions).



AA Sports is excited about the interest we’ve received from 2013 racers regarding the 2014 Bakers Dozen Half-Marathon Series! Many athletes are shooting to be among the first to race a full Bakers Dozen (13) of Half-Marathons! Our mission as we head into a second season with the series is to continue to evolve, improve and grow the series. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments at: events@aasportsltd.com.

Below are some FAQs about the Series:

Q: What is the purpose of the Baker’s Dozen Half-Marathon Series?

A: Our goal in developing the series is to encourage NW athletes to recognize and participate in locally-managed NW races, and to keep our hard earned funds supporting Northwest non-profits, school sports programs and businesses. “Race Home Baked Miles!” Additionally, the series allows athletes a way to be ranked so that they are able to compare their running / walking prowess with their peers, and build the overall experience of training and participating in the half-marathon distance.

Q: What is a Bakers Dozen?

A: For us it was just a fun, catchy name, and we had 13 regional Half-Marathons that we wanted to showcase.  The historical description: A baker’s dozen, devil’s dozen, long dozen, or long measure is 13,  one more than a standard dozen.

Q: This looks really fun and I’d love to participate this year. However I have a conflict with one of the race dates. Will you add another race so someone could actually get a full 13 points for participating in every race?

A: The Bakers Dozen concept is limited to a specific list of 13 races.  We understand and agree that there are many other great half-marathon races produced in the NW.  We do not want to discourage participating in other regional events, but this Series is meant to be a fun addition to the season racing adventure via a set list of races.

Q:  How many people do you think will be able to complete all 13 races?

A:  We have been hearing from quite a few people who plan to try to complete all 13 races in 2014! It would be difficult to predict how many, but we know NW athletes are a determined, dedicated bunch and we’ll be excited to see just how many will go the distance!  We’re standing by to cheer them!

QDo I have to fill out anything to be entered into the series?

A:  No. To be a part of the series you only need to complete three of the thirteen participating events. After completing your third race within the series you will automatically be listed within the series rankings, and start accumulating chances to win a Bakers Dozen Passport in the passport drawing (13 passports will be given out through the random drawing and 12 via rankings performance).

Q: For the top performers, what’s the minimum number of races they need to complete to be ranked?

A: You must complete a total of three races to be ranked.  If you do more, the rankings will take the sum of your three best performances.

Q: Do I have to keep track of my own points?

A: No. We have partnered with Athlinks who will keep track of all the individual race points earned and the series rankings which are based on a minimum of three races completed. These points will be posted on the Bakers Dozen website and within your individual results on the Athlinks network.

Q: What does “claim” mean?

A: By clicking on the claim link, you can go to athlinks.com and claim your result from the event in the series (along with any other races you may have done). Not only does this get you racing history all in one spot, it also helps to link all of your results in the series right to you making sure your points all add up in the right place.

Q: I had points, then I claimed them and they disappeared, why?

A: No worries, your points are still there. We just need to hit the recalculate button to update them now that you claimed them to your profile. You see every result, whether claimed or not has a “racer id” attributed to it, when you claim yours, it then takes on your profile racer id. So we just need to recalculate. Claiming is good because you want all of those results linking to the one and only you.

Q: Why are my points showing under two different places?

A: This can happen if you register under slightly different variations of your name, for example, John and Jonathan or have a hyphenated name and the hyphen does not always get included in the registration. One really quick way around this is to claim your result. That is the fastest way to get your points together and when we run the recalculation you will be all set or you can let us know and we can get you merged up on our end.

Q: When will the points be updated?

A: If there was an event in the series over the weekend, you will typically see points updated to include that event by Wednesday of that following week.  This allows time for any results updates after the event and provides cleaner data for the series to keep points from fluctuating.

Q: As a 50 year old woman who is not a particularly fast runner but always gets to the finish line, completing the Bakers Dozen and getting the series points would be my goal. My guess is that I represent 70-90% of the people who will participate in the Baker’s Dozen.  How will we be recognized in the overall rankings?

A: It is difficult for most of the younger generation of athletes or the older generation of athletes to have an impact on the overall series standings. It comes to reason that athletes in their prime rule the overall rankings. But since you will also be ranked within your 5-year age group it will be easy to see how you compare to athletes your own age. And we agree, this is the case for 70-90% of the participants, especially walkers (see related question below).

Q: Is there prize money?

A: No. However, we do have the 2015 Bakers Dozen Passports which will be awarded to 25 Bakers Dozen racers at the end of the series: 12 according to performance and another 13 drawn at random with raffle chances based on the number of races participated in and bonus points accrued. (See Series Awards and Incentives above for breakout of how Passports will be awarded.) Generally, four Passports will be awarded to the top overall Male & Female and Masters Male & Female, with eight additional Passports being awarded to high ranking finishers through a computer-randomized drawing. The additional 13 Passports will be awarded through a separate computer-randomized drawing among those who didn’t receive one through the Top Performers’ drawings. The 2015 Bakers Dozen Passport, which has an estimated potential value of $845.00+ is good for one free entry into any of the series races during the 2015 season.  

Q: When can I expect to see my series rankings?

A: We are calling it “pre-heating”, but after the first race of the series, which is the Heart Breaker Half (on Feburary 16th in 2014) all finishing participants will be shown as “pre-heating”.  After athletes complete a 3rd series race (it does not have to be 3 consecutive races) they will automatically be shown in the Bakers Dozen Series rankings, which will be posted on the BD website.

Q: Can you explain the bonus points for Pacific Crest?

A: Each year one of the 13 events will be chosen in which all participants who complete the event will receive bonus raffle chances. But remember, these raffle chances won’t help you unless you complete the minimum three races in the series and qualify for inclusion.

Q: Is there a discount if you sign up for multiple races at the same time?

A: No. We do not have an official series option that will allow for multi-race discounts. The races are managed by a variety of NW race companies. However, there will be the opportunity to receive a 20% discount when signing up for three races within the series at the RaceCenter/Foot Traffic Event Expo being held on Saturday, February 15th (for details go to the Foot Traffic website: www.foottraffic.us)



Example #1:  Jane Smith, who is 43 years old, is the female masters champion of the Capital City ½ Marathon. Her time is 1:26:20. Amy Nelson, who is 46 years old, has a time of 1:38:12. Jane receives 130 points as she is the female masters champion. Amy receives (1:26:20 / 1:38:12) x 130  =  0.8791 x 130 = 114.29 points.

Example #2:  Frank Parker, who is 31 years old, is the open male champion of the Helvetia ½ Marathon. His time is 1:09:10. John Brotten, who is 38 years old, has a time of 1:09:16. Frank receives 130 points as he is the male open champion. John receives (1:09:10 / 1:09:16) x 130 =  0.9985 x 130 = 129.81 points.


  1. It eliminates the natural problems that exist such as some races are run on relatively flat terrain while others have challenging hill climbs or that some races are run at sea level while another is run at higher altitude. These factors become insignificant since your points earned are determined by your performance and the performance of the champion in the same race who is participating under exactly the same conditions. So choosing a flat terrain race nearer to sea level will not necessarily guarantee you more points because you can run faster under those conditions. Why? Everyone else, including the race champion will also run faster under those conditions.
  2. It is difficult for most of the younger generation of athletes or the older generation of athletes to have an impact on the overall series standings. It comes to reason that athletes in their prime rule the overall rankings. But you are also ranked within your 5-year age group. This easily allows you to see how you compare to athletes your own age.
  3. The walking community, which is getting large each year, has always had a difficult time relating their performances against one another. There are few events designated as walker only events in which you can more accurately gauge your performance against your peers. Unfortunately it is the same here with the rankings. So you must draw the proverbial line in the sand as to what separates a walking pace from a runner pace. Most would use a 15 minute / mile pace. So, you could go to your age group which, for example, you place 38th out of 46 participants. If you simply ignore anyone who has a pace per mile of 14:59 or faster you can see that you are #2 out of 10 in your age group. This is by no means an accurate measure since it is not known if everyone that participates with a 15 minute / mile pace or slower isn’t mixing a little running in with their walking.




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