AA Sports in the News: Hagg Lake Triathlon Participant Larry Brown Discusses Training at 83

    The Oregonian recently featured an article on Larry Brown, an 83-year-old triathlete who competed in the Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon this year. The article, by Nancy Dow, provides insight to Brown’s training and how he stays motivated after all these years.

    “Brown is a triathlete who has completed the last seven Hagg Lake sprint triathlons. Sprint triathlons are a half-mile swim, 13-mile bike ride and 5K run. He works out at the MAC, where he’s been a member since 1953. He competes in the club’s yearly 20-event decathlon and has come in first in his age group 16 times. He holds 15 age-group records in various events. His one foray into the senior games, about 10 years ago in California, brought him numerous medals in swimming.”

    Read the rest of the article on Oregon Live.

    AA Sports is proud of Mr. Brown’s accomplishments. We appreciate our participants and enjoy their stories. If you would like to share yours, please send an email to stephanie@aasportsltd.com or tell us on Facebook.

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